February 23, 2013

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January 26, 2013
Everday Hero

Look at you!
You got up this morning
And endured your trifling, mundane
J-O-B. You wept because you
Felt alone and scared but somehow,
You managed to put on a
“Brave Face” with the help
Of that one song and a random
Text message from an old friend. No one
Will ever know that vast grey planes
That you roam under the influence of gravity,
But you could try to enjoy their company
And lay off the constant terror of their departure.
Look at you, reheating your midday coffee
When you get cold, doing your best impression
Of a living being.
Look at you romanticizing your loneliness,
Marketing it to yourself as a double-wide trailer
Full of cats, books and designer clothes.
Don’t look at the milky ghosts of tears
Haunting the lenses of your glasses,
And for the love of fuck!
Stop looking at your phone…

January 16, 2013
A Brief Survey of My Soul

An inordinate amount of unicorns

that poke each other with their horns,

sometimes playfully, other times with malice.

An echo of the word “inordinate.”

Expansive gloomy ballrooms from ruined castles.

Unrealistic conceptions of romantic love.

A fat hulking bully called Forever.

The Daria Complete Series DVD box set.

The library from my high school.  

The library from my elementary school.

Several varieties of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The most epic blanket fort ever.

The Balam Acab remix to “My Boo.”

An empty school gym with a spinning disco ball.  

Judgement from my hipster bully.

An attic full of unused witty comebacks.

A faceless professor/therapist/hot god father.

A sexy monster boy with interesting hair and tight pants.

Several long haired anime guys.

A space craft filled with colorful jungle gyms.

A closet filled with everything I’ve ever loved.

Jewelry and postcards from boys.

Everything that I ever hearted on the Internet.

A lonely hikikomori studio apartment with infinite media.

That time when Peanut told me that it was okay to be nobody.

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January 16, 2013

I’m never gonna say 

the right things,

this much I promise you.

I am not a human, I am

an empty, innocent thing

with all of life running around

inside of me like gerbils.

My feelings have never been useful,

and I have no plans to be cool.

I will splooge emotionally,

and it will sting in your eyes.

I won’t be satisfied until

my entire existence is completely

convoluted by my insecurities.

I’m just gonna split my soul

into horcruxes, and hope that

someone cooler than me

finds some use for them.

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January 14, 2013

I will begin and finish many books, in that order.  My life will consist of a thousand tiny ventures.  I will view personal Tumblrs from beginning to end, and feel something like accomplished.  I’m into French Pop Music and I need to watch more Gundam.  I will read books that my friends give me out of love.  I will feel the residue of excitement from said friends on the pages of said books, and I will be relieved of my own quest for excitement in said feeling.  I will make art about failed artistic projects from my teenhood.  I will surrender to the Kardashians and will buy the box set of Sailor Moon manga for my 10 year old cousin.  My relationships will be projected by series on Netflix, we must press on together until the addiction is lived out!  And then we will find other addictions.  I will encourage the obsessions of my loved ones, if only for reciprocation.  You are my portal to another world, because this one is “dead.”

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January 3, 2013
Wutcha Dreamin Bout?

Maybe u thought u were Endymion,

and maybe i thought was a lady bug.

either way i found myself camped

out on your chest under the moonlight.

out of the thicket of your chest hair

came a little white rabbit.

me and that rabbit got really cool.

we went hunting together for small game.

it was a ferocious little rabbit!

we stumbled upon an abandoned mine, 

and deep inside we found a cavern.

it was illuminated by tiny colored lights,

and comfortably furnished with antiques.

we decided that it was a good place to kick it.

maybe i don’t know how to write this 

kind of poem.  either way,

i think i found something pretty cool.

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December 29, 2012
Consolation Prize

You’ll never be happy,

but you can read a lot of books.

You can carve out some

corner of existence for yourself

and you can wrap yourself in blankets

and stare at the Internet

and download all the music you want.

You can pretend that you live

in a parallel dimension so it’s easier to

ignore all of the petty conversations of trifling folk.

Yeah, your dimension was destroyed, 

but you might as well tough it out. 

You deserve Netflix and Hulu

and high speed Internet.

You can rewatch all the anime 

from your childhood.  You can

perfect lucid dreaming.

You can read all of Huruki Murakami’s books

and be oddly comforted when you think about

the Suicide Forest in Japan.

You can lose a lot of weight

but only eating hummus and carrots

and the occassional Pop Tart,

and you can start a Look Book.

You live in a palace of ice.

None of this matters.

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December 28, 2012
Baby Jesus

Appropriate feelings of #joy and #togetherness.

I know what I want to feel, and i feel that way.  

The lines and vectors and tangential vibes 

start to project from my head.  

Numeric values denote the proper sentiments.

The only thing in the house is a lone Christmas tree. 

I walk through the empty rooms, the feeling

of space is like passive yoga in my extemities.   

I sit down in front of the Christmas Tree

and meditate for a parallel eternity.  

From this parallel eternity I derive the power 

to calmly slide experiences across my face like 

beads on an abacus.  There is limited access to to this realm, 

but its existence is defimitely helpful.  

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December 22, 2012
Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Abandon this party the cops
are grenades
we are pressed sugar cane
I kiss you when you say
one night only
and the stand of the up
keep your lips to my different skin
keep in time

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December 21, 2012
omg, you already know…

britney spears told us

to dance. i’d rather sit 

in the lotus position

in a walk in closet full

of givenche and dior.

we’ll sit right in front of

eachother and hold hands

and the couture will brush

our shoulders. tell me about

that time you were a kid

and you were waiting in 

your best friend’s room

while he was in the john

and, surveying his possesions

you realized that we

were each all alone.

You weren’t depressed,

though, you were vaguely

excited by the the idea

of your own unique language.

we emerge, and 

the world hasn’t ended.

we suspect, however,

that we might be ghosts

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